A hand-crafted design executed by Norbert features this custom arched entry door, a secondary entry to the straw bale hybrid house and transition from the cob constructed sun room. The small double door design was created to make for an interesting entry and also so that the doors opening into the living area did not take up too much space. Coming in at roughly 18 inches each, helped minimize the loss of space once opened.

The arched top to the doors also mirror a small arched window situated next to the door and is repeated however subtly by the panty door with small arch coming off of the living area. Norbert applied his usual skill with carpentry as he executed this one of a kind door which we think is a nice showcase piece greeting those entering the home.

The interior panels of this door hold the folk art created by well known New Mexico artist Nicholas Herrera, and tell the story of the history of the land, which was originally homesteaded by his family, many years ago.