Raising some custom adobe walls in this highly insulated stick framed new home. In this project we were brought in as sub-contractors to provide some of our specialty earthen touches to a USGBC LEED certified new build. The home had not only some very specific touches, but many specialists to provide the them. So we entered into what is only our second time serving as subcontractors working with other general contractors and their crews.

This home has a minimalist feel at it’s core, with very bright and contemporary accepts in all areas of the home. Very large windows and open floor plan in the large living room, leading to some smaller, cozier areas for sleeping and office spaces.

Our adobe walls work ed well to contrast the other sharp edged aspects to this house – and in our minds did soften the house and give it a bit of an organic feel.

The wall we are creating in this image will hold a long banco (bench) which is a main feature of the living area. So visitors and the owners will sit nestled in the softness of the adobe bricks and the custom earthen plasters featured in other images in this gallery.