This feature image shows the curved kitchen walls with custom tinted earthen plaster. LED track lighting, custom rustic cement kitchen counter top. Also featured is the kitchen counter door fronts which are made from recycled metal roofing that has rusted to give the mottled reddish tint. The roofing came from a renovation job we worked on and was so unique and so interesting, we thought it would be great detailing for a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

The kitchen sink in this hybrid straw bale house was gotten at a garage sale and the sink faucet recycled from a prior job. The small round stones were harvested from the ocean with the idea upon moving to the desert from the ocean, of bringing a bit of water elements into the new house.

The windows in this kitchen were hand made from lumber harvested from the standing dead on this heavily wooded property using our own mill. The greys in the counter top and back splash contrast nicely with the slate flooring. All in all the kitchen is rather dramatic with the black, burgundy tones and grey. One of our favorites, of course, since we designed and executed it down to the last detail.