This featured photo shows the courtyard turned living room in this older adobe house in Chimayo, New Mexico. When we arrived on the project, our client now friend had chosen to close in this courtyard in the adobe home she had purchased a few years prior. She kept the ambiance of the older Mexican saltillo tiles and add a step down which created a perfect sun room and plant area.

When we arrived on the project, the room was in need of some unifying with color and wood stains to bring together and enhance the newly created space. We made some suggestions and worked with Erica to chose some complimentary paint colors, and to clean up and re-stain the older wooden posts to match the roof posts already in place.

The old center of the courtyard needed a new look, so it was decided we would lay a hard wood floor which would contrast nicely with the old saltillo tiles. It was decided that healthy low-VOC paints and stains would be used throughout and that non-toxic glues would be used on the flooring, to create a healthier home for both visitors and those living in the space.

Here you see the painting prep and the saltillo tiles we filled in and matched from the original construction. Other photos feature the end result which was really stunning. This new space not only updated this adobe house, but brought in a contemporary open floor plan feel to this room which is truly unique.