This photo highlights the custom master bath. Specifically the bowl shaped copper sink with lime plaster designed to color match the copper toned tiles in this one-of-a-kind large bathroom. The checker board tile design which has variations of brown and copper tones scattered throughout work nicely with the contrasting copper bowl and brushed nickel fixtures.

The water proof lime plaster was created by adding a variety of tints in the bright white lime mix to pick up and highlight the over all tones in the room. The waterproof qualities of lime plaster make it a perfect naturally created wall covering for high traffic and areas needing extra durability as well as a water proofing. We always use lime plasters in bathrooms and advise using them for kitchen areas as well, due to water splashes that can occur in those busy areas.

The specific lime used here was made from a basic lime formula in which the lime was slaked in large buckets for a period of time. The lime putty was then combined with a sturdy masonry sand for the plaster mix. This particular plaster is not our most finely gritted (delicate) but is our strongest for certain. If you are unfamiliar with the properties of lime, comparing it to the look and feel of cement stucco commonly used in the Southwest, will give you the idea. The two are almost identical in look and feel.