Copper colored acid stain with white walls and rough sawn pine ceiling – featured in this image. The acid stain, named “ginger” by the manufacturer Enduracoat-

The deep copper colored acid stained floor provides a nice contrast to the white sheet rocked walls. The rough sawn pine ceiling is a warm and lovely accent to the acid stained cement floors. Note the gold tones of the floor mirrored in the slight raw bark edges of our custom pine thick wood plank window sills. The effect is one of our favorites.

As noted in prior posts, Norbert hand mills the planks from downed trees near out land in the national forest. He has a small one person mill which allows him to set any thickness. He then hand peels as needed the bark from the planks, keeping the organic variations intact. The results are always unique and have become one of our signature details we can offer those who would like to enjoy them in a home, or other structure we might we create.