An image of this complex roof old adobe home – the new metal roof with dormers on this house sitting just off Main St. in the small town of El Rito, New Mexico. The now large older adobe block home has been added onto and expanded quite a number of times over the years.

This image shows the completed new roof with new galvalume silver metal roofing and the variety of pitched angles we were dealing with. Or rather we should say, Norbert dealt with, given he lead the team in establishing the roofing angles and managed the joining up correctly. Granted not rocket science, but other photos will highlight the multiple joining angles and dormers which kept us all on our toes. That and the hot black roofing paper and needing harnesses, which always keeps any roofing project interesting.

Given the size of this very large roof and the good crew of helpers, we were able to tackle the project well and the new crisp look to the house has improved it quite a bit.