The complex roof adobe home shown in all of it’s glory in this image. The older original section of this historical adobe block home in northern New Mexico is receiving it’s new roof decking. The multiple roof lines and many dormers and sheer size of the roof which connects the large “L” shaped house some of which has a second story. The many dormers some of which are small ones breaking out of larger ones, make indeed for a very interesting complex job.

The roof will be covered with metal roofing galvalume in it’s entirety. When working with metal roofing we always use our favorite roofing supplier who lives just inside the Colorado border who is good, fast and has pricing which is about half of what vendors in Santa Fe are selling it for. Combined with having his own machinery for bending the panels, we could not be happier with his work (see our Resource page for information on Skyline Metals). We have worked with him for years and on may projects and not once has he even come close to making any error. Given we work mostly by phone and fax, an extremely impressive track record in our minds.