Here is the completed carport adobe home project at the very end. Norbert designed and drew up this double tiered carport for the new adobe home we had just wrapped construction upon. This 2500 sq. ft. home we built from the ground up in Sedona, Arizona is one of our favorites and one of the first projects we partnered on.

After the 8 month construction completed on the main house the focus was to get the surrounding landscape and carport completed. According to the local building code, new homes constructed in the area must have proper landscaping in place before the final sign off can occur. We were asked by our fabulous clients and friends to help them execute the landscaping surround the front and back of the house which was designed by a licensed landscaping designer. The quote they received was much higher than they were happy with, and we were happy to step in, dig up some local labor and get the job done.

Norbert was asked to submit some carport designs which was a bit of a challenge. The lot for this large house is not only very small, but the driveway has a short and steep incline to it. Norbert created a design which mirrored the many levels of the roofs in the house, hence these overlapping triangular shape which tuck into themselves and the house. Everyone was happy with the design and the local building code officials signed off easily.