The “after” image on this cob infill repair-adobe wall which had a deep fissure in the exterior wall. The shadows in this image make the repair a bit hard to see, but the different color of the old clay earth compared to the new repair can be seen if looking hard enough (or to our trained eye!).

Carolyn developed a strong cob mixture using the local clay soil. It was not the most ideal mix, the clay in the soil was a bit weaker than she would have liked. But after testing it and working with it a bit she decided it would work well enough. There are so many soil clays in New Mexico with such a wide variety of clay content.

After laying in the cob repair in stages with plenty of time for drying in between applications, the layers built upon each other to a degree to give the wall enough strength.

Upon completion of the adobe wall repair, this studio and office space in Chimayo, New Mexico was ready for the interior cosmetic improvements we were called into work upon.