Close up tile inlay into earthen floor. The linseed oiled, completed earthen floor on left. Right features a dried completed earthen floor without linseed oil. Multiple coats of linseed oil are applied with a thinner in varying degrees, most often citrus thinner. The linseed penetrates into the top coat of the earthen floor deep enough to water proof the floor. Should there be a fear of stains, then a wax can be applied. Without the wax, an earthen floor will be waterproofed but not necessarily stain proof.

Many people are fearful that earthen floors are fragile which is not true of a well laid floor. They are quite durable as long as furniture is not drug repeatedly across them and pads placed under legs. Ideally rugs work well in high traffic areas.

To extend the life of an earthen floor, they can simply be oiled again or waxed again. Our rule of thumb with all of our floors it to advise owners freshen them up when they look “thirsty”.