This image shows a detail of a hand crafted (by Norbert) kitchen cabinet face of rusted metal roofing. The roofing was taken from one of our jobs which was a roof renovation on a historical adobe home. We thought to reuse this perfectly imperfect material (complete with nail holes and streaks) would make for a beautiful addition to the already rustic (but high end) elements in our kitchen.

We went around and around a bit trying to decide on the color of the trim of the kitchen counter faces, but in the end chose to use a water based, ebony healthy stain. Norbert wanted to then create pull-outs which blended in rather than having traditional knobs. We thought the clean lines of the cabinet designs went well with the organic stone back splash, and metal roofing. The trick here was to not make the cabinets too busy and take into account the pattern of the corregated metal.