An image of the custom brown pigment in cement floor in which the density of the brown pigment created a beautiful mottled, almost marble-like, finish. The client and friend of ours wanted a very dense dark brown, and due to the high concentration of pigment in the floor the effects seen here came to life. The hard troweling of the floor pushed and polished the pigment in such a manner as to create this beautiful effect. We love the look.

After the floor had dried sufficiently, a healthy wax was applied to protect the floor from any staining. Often after we apply a wax or sealant on a floor, we suggest that owners reapply after a few years, or after visable use shows that a touch up would do the floor some good (if the floor appears, thirsty so to speak).

Shown near the floor is the drying gold earthen plasters we had placed upon the walls a few days prior. The splotchy areas in the walls are not indications of inferior plastering, but rather, show the plaster as it dries (dark to light, light indicating dry, of course).

One feature added to this room during the wall and floor upgrades, was the in-floor radiant heat we put into place before the cement was poured and troweled. We most often when pouring either earthen or cement floors will highly recommend that the home owners will consider putting in radiant floor tubing, which is economical and allows them to hook the flooring up to radiant floor heat in the future, if desired. Much easier than digging up an existing floor to add it later, most certainly.

We thought upon completion of this room renovation that the space looked like it belonged in an Italian villa, the way the rich tones of both walls and floors played off of each other. Beautiful!