This master jacuzzi bathtub tucked in a nook created for it, which is a circular small tower, of sorts, creates a cozy area for elegant bathing and is one of the unique features of this large master bathroom. The small circular enclosure holding the tub for two, features a port-hole like round window which leads to an unobstructed view of the mountains which sit just beyond the property. All in all the view is stunning.

The original owner envisioned the jacuzzi tub tucked completely into the nook, however, the contractor we took over the project from, failed to allow for the size of the tub and we were forced to turn the tub losing some of the cozy effect desired. Working with the owner, we all made the best of the situation and created a lovely, custom tub that suited her needs.

The walls surrounding the tub are the same as those in the sink area featured in this section, meaning a custom tinted lime plaster created from scratch by ourselves. As previously mentioned the durability of lime plastering, combined with it’s water proof aspects, make for a perfect wall covering for bathrooms in general, and this one specifically. The muted copper and brown tones in this bathroom contrasted with the antique bronze and brushed nickel fixtures make for a very elegant feel to this entire room. We were very happy with the results.