The exterior is completed, the in-floor radiant floor has been installed and now we feature an image of the bamboo floor in geo-dome. The challenge with this floor was cutting to the round edges to fit the angles of the geodesic dome walls, but being one to not be phased by complex angles, Norbert executed the edges well while Carolyn helped lay the straight boards (the easy areas!).

The client, our friend, chose was a dramatic reddish striped bamboo. The warm and engineered bamboo flooring was laid quickly and was easily glued to the warm board in-floor radiant floor system. If you are not familiar, warm board consists of heavy plywood panels with channels engineered into them to hold the radiant floor tubing. The top coating edge of the panels has a thin metal layer which helps to conduct the heat evenly throughout the floor. The large panels are cut to the size needed and snap together a bit like puzzle pieces. The tubing is then run in of course, one loop.

As was the case with this project, the in-floor heat was designed to be heated from the hot water boiler, rather than solar hot water panels we often suggest. The hot water tank system if obviously a bit less energy efficient, but both work well.