An image of the aged earthen plaster concept we were asked to execute on a pumice crete wall which has been covered in 1/2 faux adobe bricks to create the feeling of the inside of an 100 year old New Mexico torreon (tower), in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

Having never attempted to plaster incorrectly, so to speak, with a crumbled, broken effect, it was indeed a challenge on how to approach the walls. A few tricks helped get into the frame of mind. Carolyn simply called upon her film set days and pretended she was creating a medieval feel to a set. And luckily just as this aspect of the project was underway, Carolyn and Norbert happened to be driving on the highway and noticed a series of 5 small, old crumbling adobe structures just off the road. They stopped and took photos which were thankfully perfect reference material for these walls.

Carolyn bucked up, went into the room alone, made the strongest earthen mix she could and began applying the mix to the wall and then cutting it back and sculpting it here and there to get the desired effect. It fit the bill, the client was happy and Carolyn breathed a sigh of relief, envisioning what on earth she might have done had she had to tear the effects off a few times had it not been quite right.