This photo features the long adobe block hallway leading to offices and guest bedroom in it’s raw form as the mortar joints dry in this house where we served as sub-contractors. We were brought in on this highly specialized project which was a collaboration between the owners, architect. general contractor and others who brought their specialties to this unique USGBC LEED home. We executed the earthen aspects as they were specified to give this home some organic touches in an otherwise very minimalist design.

It isn’t often we join other builders to add simply certain touches as this adobe block hallway and the others, given most of our projects we take from not only design – but to, and through foundation to finish. We also apply our sustainable specialties which we in all honesty, feel to be far surpassing those set forth by the USGBC. But we are happy to merge philosophies with those who are approaching their version of “green” and sustainable. We always say every little bit helps. However we often do take notice of how those who are designing on the fringes of sustainability are overlooking some key elements which would make for not only a more efficient design, but one that is less costly for owners.

These kinds of discussions can go on for days at a time, of course, and as we say – everyone has their own notion of what they consider (and need) sustainable.