Copper colored acid stained cement floor in this Rastra block studio is featured in this image. This is the result of the color listed as “ginger” on the color chart- chosen by our client for all of the floors in this 3000 sq. ft. space.

This was our first attempt with acid staining a cement floor. We worked very closely with our now friend Rob, at Enduracoat, the manufacturer of the stain. He patiently walked us though the process and helped us with our many questions over many days we called upon him to advise. We can’t recommend working with him enough –

One thing to keep in mind when considering an acid stained floor is of course the variations which will happen with the staining process. These floors have a personality of their own and no two are alike, as you might imagine. The process takes some getting used to, so working with someone who knows how to create a successful floor is key.

Given we had to cover quite a large space, 2800 sq. ft. overall, we feel we became well informed to the process in a short period of time. We now know we could tackle any acid stain with equal success.

Please note that this image was taken before the final wall to floor trim was put on, therefore has a slightly rough sheet rock to floor transition.