We specialize in natural building methods using sustainable materials to create healthy, beautiful homes - and more.

At Earthen Touch Natural Builders, we bring living with awareness and sustainability to every project we undertake.

We are licensed natural building contractors ready to bring to any project the elements which work best for you. For quality control, as general contractors, we don't simply sub-contract everything out but are both "on the tools" - building ourselves. We sub only what we are required by code to - or where we do not excel. Call us at 505-929-7350 or send an email, anytime for more details.

Featured Projects from 2016 (see Project Gallery)
- Custom Adobe Walls & Plasters - Santa Fe
- Adobe Casita Upgrade - Taos
- Straw Bale Walls - Denver
- Kitchen Remodel - Santa Fe

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We are natural home builders who have worked on a variety of methods in New Mexico and surrounding states. Tackling a variety of sustainable building systems keeps our projects varied and our skill set evolving - from straw bale, adobe, cob, pumice-crete block, highly insulated stick framed homes to Rastra Block ICF, and more.

Using earthen and lime plasters, and other natural materials for finishing, we help make a home warm, healthy and beautiful. Our workmanship is high end - with attention to detail our most noted specialty.

As each person has his or her interpretation of green or sustainable practices, we will assist you in defining and creating your green home, by any degree.

Whether you would like to make your home itself more sustainable, healthier, or want to covert to solar hot water or PV panels and reduce your grid energy needs, we can help.

For the owner-builder who needs assistance, or any project where we create for you from beginning to end, we will guide you to a finished product with both economy and quality top of mind.

We have worked across the board in terms of project type and size and can help create your vision or consult on any project.

Our belief is such that we utilize minimal resources in our work, and embrace methods which make a home more efficient, earth-friendly and healthy for both the planet and inhabitants.

For more detail on how we incorporate natural and sustainable living day-to-day in our own home and projects - see the "sustainable lives" link above.

recent videos

solar in-floor radiant heat

This video featuring solar in-floor radiant heat, shows the benefits and comfort advantages one can incorporate into any home or structure with this highly efficient heating system. For the natural building enthusiast, owner-builder who might be looking for sustainable home heating solutions, or those looking to move in the direction of more off-grid living – […]

the masonry stove

We cover the general principles of the masonry stove, or European heat storage stove and take you through the creation of a low cost stove for a straw-bale hybrid home. This video shows the beauty of bringing together natural building methods to create workable form meeting function. By recycling, using innovative materials, and harvesting earth […]

new mexico and beyond

Our work is not limited to New Mexico as we are mobile and able to travel to an area for extended periods - for 24 hour on site attention on any project. Our projects have taken us to Colorado, Arizona and throughout New Mexico. We are always happy to work in El Rito, Abuiqui, Ojo Caliente and areas closer to home, of course. Think you might be too far away to work with us? Simply ask, we love new project challenges and to visit new places.
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list of our services

General Construction:
Adobe - Cob -Straw Bale Construction
Pumice - Crete - Light/Straw Clay
High Insulated Stick Frame

Earthen Specialties:
Adobe Beautification & Restoration
Earthen Plastering - Interior & Exterior
Earthen Floors - aka Poured Adobe Floors
Lime Plastering - Interior & Exterior

Foundations Through Finishing:
Foundations, Framing, Flooring & Roofing
Rough & Finish Carpentry
Installation of Wood & Tile Floors
Interior & Exterior Tile Design/Installation

Owner-Builder Architectural Design Assistance
Design Consulting for Interior & Exterior Detailing

Design in partnership with other sub-contractors :
- Electrical & Plumbing Systems
- Home Heating & Cooling Systems
- Radiant Floor Heating Systems
- Solar Electrical & Hot Water Systems

Should you require design assistance, we
work with committed natural building architects.

project highlights